Moomin Mini-Mugs 6-Pack – Second Classic- Arabia


In the autumn of 2020, the mug series will be supplemented with six new mini mugs, which are Stinky, Sniff, Filifjonkan, Hemulen, Mårran and Tofslan & Vifslan. The newest series of mini mugs was originally published as classic mugs in the years 2001–2005. The mini mugs are 3 cm high, each mug holds about 1 tbsp. A must for the Moomin Collector!

In the autumn of 2019, the first six mugs went on sale. They are variants in mini format of their predecessors, ie. classic mugs in Teema model. Arabia has been producing Moomin mugs in the Teema model since 1990. Now the mini mugs present the inhabitants of the Moomin Valley in a series of six mini mugs.

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