Moomin Mug – Hattifnatters


Moomin Mug – Hattifnatters

The hattifnatters are very small, white without faces and they always come in groups. They do not care about anything, they just go and wave their paws and stare at the horizon. They have their own island out in the sea and there they gather once a year to have a meeting, but they do not come to that much because they can neither speak nor hear. The Moomin father says that they never get where they are going but always long for somewhere. When it thunders, they become electric and then you should not touch them because then you burn yourself. Hattifnatters can be sown with seeds but it must be done on midsummer evening.

Arabia’s Moomin mugs are made of ceramic that can withstand oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher.


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