Moomin Mug – Moomin Valley Watercolor (Expired 2017)


The motif on the mug is after Tove Jansson’s original aquarelle for the book cover of “The Wizard’s Hat”. The aquarelle, like the mug, contains 27 different color shades, which makes it quite unusual. Arabia’s product and marketing manager Nora Haatainen believes that this makes the artwork very attractive and adds: “Tove Jansson was a versatile artist and writer. We wanted to put her artwork in a new context to promote appreciation. The mug takes art into everyday life. ” The mug holds 30 cl and has a generous ear that provides good grip. Finest ceramics that can withstand oven, freezer, microwave and dishwasher In a collaboration between Arabia and Tampere Art Museum, Tove Jansson’s watercolor painting has been applied to the popular mugs with Moomin theme. The new mug “Moomin Valley” honors Tove Jansson’s art collection of the world of the Moomin role. The illustration is an original print of one of her many watercolors. The original was created as a front page for the book “The Wizard’s Hat” which was published in 1948. This year, the picture symbolizes the official theme “Together” that Finland has developed to celebrate its 100th anniversary. In the fairy tale about the Wizard’s hat, the Moomin Troll, Sniff and Snusmumriken find the Wizard’s hat on a mountain near the Moomin Valley. The magic hat transforms things around them; eggshells that are placed in the hat become clouds that the Moomin role floats around on. The hat belongs to a magician, who lives on the moon and who rides on a black flying leopard. One day he sees Tofslan and Vifslan’s ruby ​​from space and flies down to the Moomin Valley to catch it. To get hold of the ruby, he uses his magic to fulfill the desires of others. The story ends happily when Tofslan, Vifslans and Trollkarlen each get a ruby. At the end, Moominmamma arranges a party where everyone can celebrate together.


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